Shipping to Point Roberts, WA

Because we are located right on the US/Canada border, just South of Tsawwassen, BC, many Canadians take advantage of free and discount shipping when they order things online by having a US receiving address at one of our local shipping centers.

They do charge a modest fee and there may be duties to pay, but it still often adds up to substantial savings. Some places only receive packages, some both ship out and have parcel services and some are open 7 days a week.

How much can you save in time and money shipping to Point Roberts?

This is a video from Canadian Broadcasting about shipping to Point Roberts. A very nice feature about TSB Shipping and it shows clips of several other shipping centers, but omits the Point Roberts Shell Center's Shipping Station.

Choosing a Shipping Service

Do you just plan to receive packages and parcels or will you want to ship them too?

What are the fees that will be charged?

How will the service notify you? Text message, email, phone call?

Will you have to come to Point Roberts during a limited time frame? The post office is open M-F from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Some shipping centers are open until 6 p.m. and 6 or 7 days a week.

Capacity and staffing - Especially during the busier, holiday season, long lines at the border are followed by long lines at the Post Office or Shipping Centers. This can be inconvenient, no doubt.

The Post Office and some of the shipping centers have a policy of refusing or rerouting packages once they reach capacity - this takes inconvenient to another level. Asking about efficiency, lines and if there is a chance your packages could be sent back should be balanced with the price. You can read reviews online and watch Twitter for comments from people or get personal recommendations.

Avoiding Long Lines

We encourage people to tweet wait times at the border and info about capacity issues to @PointRobertsNow

Coming soon - Border reports will be part of the new Point Roberts Radio once the station is fully functional in 2013. You can tune in on your computer or smart phone or if your car can play Internet radio stations. Point Roberts Radio

Right now there are no accurate border crossing announcements, even from the traffic stations - very hit and miss. Working together and tweeting when the lines are both short and long can adjust trips like people make for gas and packages to a more manageable time-frame.

Shipping Centers in Point Roberts

Point Roberts Shipping Station

TSB Shipping

MacFrugal's Shipping

Point to Point

The Letter Carrier

US Post Office

While You're In the Neighborhood...

We hope you'll venture a bit farther and visit one of our lovely parks, enjoy a meal or snack at a local restaurant or shop in one of our retail stores. One of the things you can do here is watch whales right from the beach down at Lighthouse Park or Monument Park Beach - they aren't coming by on any schedule, but de-stressing and enjoying a little stretch or taking a picture of the San Juans, Vancouver Island, Mount Baker, or one of our lovely sunsets is free therapy!



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