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Point Roberts, WA is a small town with a big heart and many talented, dedicated and community service oriented residents that make it a wonderful place to live. As you'll see on the Point Roberts Events calendar and on the All Point Bulletin's extended event calendar there are things to do, people to meet and opportunities to make a difference to fill even a "Junior League" level of volunteer's schedule. (We don't have a Junior League here and we may not want to be quite that dedicated or dressed up.)

We are going to roll this site out with a brief list of the biggest organizations that meet regularly...but if you're group isn't listed it most certainly can be! Send a quick email to the site manager and you'll be added in a jiffy.

Point Roberts Community Action Council (PRCAC)

The Point Roberts Community Advisory  Committee (PRCAC) was formed recently by an act of Whatcom County  Council.
The committee consists of five individuals, one elected by the Point Roberts Voters (currently Dwayne Hunt), one by the Chamber of Commerce (currently Heather McPhee), one by the Taxpayers (Arthur  Reber) and two others appointed by Executive Kremen (Marco Aurelio and  Louise Mugar).
The committee's mandate is to represent Point Roberts to council and other county offices and to advise on matters before  the county that affect The Point. It meets on a regular basis and all  meetings are open to the public. Everyone is invited and  encouraged to attend. It is only when the committee knows the views and  positions, opinions, hopes, grievances and plans of Pointers that it can do  its job.
Issues for future consideration are working  with Council and the Office of Finance to develop a more equitable  distribution of tax monies, a new dock at Lighthouse Park, the building of a  Lighthouse and Whale Watching platform at the Park, beautification projects  along major roads, walking and cycling paths on various streets and roads,  working with commercial interests to expand opportunities on The Point,  streamlining procedures at the border, in particular establishing a legal basis for exceptions for local businesses to hire Canadians. Any and all  ideas from residents are welcome. Event details can be seen at

Point Roberts Garden Club (PRGC)

The Point Roberts Garden Club is the successor to What’s the Point!, the charitable trust organization that began the popular Point Roberts Garden Tour. The Point Roberts Garden Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month (February through November) at 7 pm. Summer meetings are often held at members’ gardens. Other meetings are held at the Point Roberts Community Center at 1487 Gulf Road.

Meetings are open to everyone interested in gardening, or who are simply interested in enjoying other people’s gardens or the company of gardeners. Most months, the meeting opens with an educational program featuring gardening experts. This is followed by a social during which we share cookies, tea, and good company. We also provide friendly advice and assistance to gardeners, especially regarding those Point Roberts challenges of purchasing plants, mulch and soil.

Since 2007, the Club has also planted and maintained the wonderful roadside flower displays along Tyee Drive so that visitors and residents alike can enjoy a colorful three-season display. Annual dues for the Garden Club are $10 per person, covering the period from 1 September through 31 August. Membership may be purchased at any meeting or by sending your name, address and payment to P.O. Box 1498, Point Roberts, WA 98281. One membership benefit is a 10% discount on purchases at Ladybug Nursery.

Point Roberts Historical Society (PRHS)

One of the largest community organizations with approximately 100 members, the PRHS meets monthly at the Community Center. Event details can be seen at

Point Roberts Chamber of Commerce (PRCOC)

You can find out all about the Point Roberts Chamber of Commerce and its members at

Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness (P.R.E.P)


Point Roberts Conservation Society (PRCS)


Lily Point Defenders (LPD)


Point Roberts Arts Foundation (PRAF)


Point Roberts Seniors?(PRS)


Point Roberts Community Food Bank (PRCFB)


Trinity Lutheran Church


Friends of Lily Point


Sustainability Forum (SF)


Point Roberts Voter's Association (PRVA)


Point Roberts Taxpayer's Association (PRTA)

The Point Roberts Taxpayer's Association meets the first Monday of each month unless otherwises noted. More information can be found at

Point Roberts Parks Board? (PRPB)


Point Roberts Friends of the Library (FOL)


Lifeforce - Orca Center (ORCA)


Point Roberts Fire Department (PRFD)




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