Bald Eagles are thriving in Point Roberts, WA 98281EcoTours in Point Roberts

We've asked several knowledgable individuals to prepare and launch several Eco-Tours in the near future.

Some choices:

"Lily Point Topside", featuring the ancient trees, plants and animals

"Lily Point Seaside", that will explore the rich aquatic life, salmon habitat and herring spawning beds there

"Eagle Tour" of the whole Point

"The Edible Point” with visits to our community garden(s?) and foraging for forest dainties, wild clams.

Collaboration and cross promotion with restaurants offering lunches for take-along and/or “finish the day” dining at the end of the tour, and cross promotion with overnight accomodations in also in development.

Lily Point Celebration

A 2011 eco-tour, the Lily Point Celebration was a huge success - Friends of Lily Point had over 80 people at the Lily Point Celebration despite the rain and cold on June 27th. 4 groups headed out on various explorations of the northern uplands, the Cedar Park gorge, the beach and tidelands. We were lucky to have a tour that explored the significant geology of the area. An enthusiastic group of families and kids took a special tour exploring the marine life.

Watch for further update here and at Point Roberts Eco Tours -

EcoTourism Benefits the Economy of Point Roberts and Educates Local Residents and Visitors About Our Treasured Birds, Plants, Wildlife and Marine Life

Many residents of Point Roberts are deeply concerned about the environment on a National and International level and definitely here on the Point. As a group, we know that not everyone can go a few blocks from home and see Bald Eagles, Orca whales, Dolphin pods and the amazing ecosystem at Lily Point - so significant that 24 scientists hailed it as one of the most complete and high priority areas in the entire Puget Sound region for preservation. We want to use these EcoTours to bring visitors to Point Roberts and encourage local residents to participate as well to learn more about this amazing place and our natural neighbors.

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