Eagle WatchingEagle near Point Roberts Marina by Denis Beauvais

Eagle watching is a favorite activities of local residents and visitors.

Point Roberts is home to about 20 nesting eagles, all 6 easily observable nests in 2012 had eaglets, visiting eagles come from as far as 200 miles away to enjoy Point Roberts.Eagle at Point Roberts Golf Course by Denis Beauvais






Upper Photos by Denis Beauvais

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Community Conservation

American Bald Eagles were gone from Point Roberts for most of the 20th Century and did not return until 1978 when a single eagle arrived on the 4th of July. Though they are off the endangered species list, habitat destruction continues to be a threat, and this is the case in Point Roberts. Eagles are a top predator and provide an important function in the web of life, as they prey on sick and weak birds, and eat carrion, which keeps disease at bay. 

Point Roberts is only about 5 square miles, but we have 10 active nests, 6 that are readily observable.

The local group, Lily Point Defenders encourages everyone to be an eagle protector. Once you see an eagle fly, you can't help but admire its magnificence and don't want to see it harmed. It's not until we see that the wild has meaning and value to each of us, that we can expect that as individuals we respect the wild, and when the whole community respects the wild, then you have conservation. LPD encourages Point Roberts residents and visitors to report any destructive activity around nests and night roosts and to post updates when you see eaglets and get pictures. http://facebook.com/Point-Roberts-Eagles

Juvenile eagle soaring low - photo by Christian SasseGathering of eagles - photo by Christian SasseSoaring eagle - photo by Christian Sasse

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