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Who started this?

Kathryn Booth with Big Business Zoo who lives here in Point Roberts back in the summer of 2010.


We (me, my family and friends) enjoy living here and we have really cool friends and business contacts all over the world that we would like to entice for a visit - and we would also like a few more people who are community builders, business leaders, artists, scientists, inventors, consultants, writers and families who are interested in a close to nature, active and environmentally conscious community.

We didn't really have anything to show them that would clearly communicate the natural wonders, lifestyle and possibilities here - so we got to work doing something that makes sense to us. We hope you'll like it too!

Who can be involved?

If you have a community organization or a business to showcase, we will be really glad to help you do something that benefits everyone and makes sense. The Local Business directory and Local groups pages need to be filled in with information that new residents and tourist would find helpful. If you have a great website and just want to link up that's one way we can do it, if you don't have a website we can set up a special page just for you on here OR you can hire us to make you one.

Right now - if you are looking at this, you probably use email... we would rather use email than talk on the phone because then you can send us pictures and we have in writing exactly what you would like us to say about your company or group.


If you see we have written something about your group that isn't accurate or you would like to add more...speak up...we'll change it as long as it isn't a change that makes your group and our community look small-minded or hostile. If you happen to be someone who is opposed to new people coming to Point Roberts, we promise to do our best to bring in the most positive, polite, wonderful people we can...but we aren't going to hold back...

In this economy and real estate market WE ALL NEED TO WORK TOGETHER IF WE WANT TO KEEP AND ENHANCE A COMMUNITY WITH LOCAL BUSINESSES. Getting people to come to visit and do more than buy gas and pick up packages is important. Introducing the community to successful people who will enjoy living here and join in the fun and to families who will love a safe, clean community is important.

What do you love about Point Roberts? We'd love to know and we'd love to share it... PRPR


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