Birding (Bird Watching) in Point Roberts, WA

We have about 170 species of birds that live in or migrate through Point Roberts, WA. Boundary Bay to our East is a key part of the Pacific Flyway. In addition to our thriving eagle population, we have Great horned owls that come every 4 years, and a large rookery on Boundary Bay is an important bird site just up from Maple Beach.

Rare Species

Of note, sightings of Bontail pidgeons, Northern Goshawks, Blue Herons, and Tannengers are more rare. Hummingbirds, and a multitude of songbirds fill the air with the sounds of nature wherever you go on the Point.

Eagle photo from Denis Beauvais

Denis Beauvais

Kathryn Booth

Denis Beauvais

Photo Safari's and Birdwatching are family friendly activitie year round in Point Roberts!
Image credits Sasse Photo Snowy owl from Sasse Photo Heron with fish from Sasse Photo Mandarin Duck from Sasse Photo
Wood duck from Sasse Photo Mallard Duck liftoff from Sasse Photo Eagle on rocks from Sasse Photo Silly seagull from Sasse Photo


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