These four Public Parks have beaches in Point Roberts

* Maple Beach, Washington (NE)
* Monument Park (NW)
* Lighthouse Marine Park (SW)
* Point Roberts Skate Park (Central - recreational open space) - this is located next to the Fire Station on Benson Road
* Lily Point Marine Reserve (SE)

South Beach, Crystal Beach and parts of the beach between Lighthouse Park and Monument Park are private beaches that are shared by the neighborhoods.

Maple Beach is a favorite for sunbathing, swimming, skim-boarding and sand castle building. In the summer when the sand gets warm during low tide, the incoming water can be 80 to 90 degrees. Both Maple Beach and Lily Point Beach have great views of Mount Baker, following the path around the SW corner at Lighthouse Park you can sight this active volcano --- if it's not hiding. See the Insider's Guide to Point Roberts for the mystery of Mount Baker.

Lily Point Beach is a rocky beach where a much wider variety of marine life can be observed. This is still important habitat for hatching sea creatures and fish and the health of beaches like this determines the variety and number of bigger fish and sea creatures later. Protecting it from polluted run-off from development up above is very important for the future of the Puget Sound (Salish Sea). The tiny fish and sea creatures have a high mortality rate in the best natural circumstances.They are not strong enough to live and thrive with trash, detergents, petroleum and pesticides polluting their nursery.

Lighthouse Park Beach used to have a pier and a lookout tower for whale watching, but it is still a lovely spot for dog walking, whale watching, picnics and photographing the beautiful islands, birds and gorgeous sunsets. The boardwalk is used for Point Roberts events like the Family Fun Fest after the Fourth of July Parade and the Arts and Music Festival. The Orca Center on the boardwalk is sponsored by Lifeforce ( has photos and information about the Orca whale pods that frequent the waters off Point Roberts on the West and South.

Monument Park Beach can be reached by a hiking trail 951 feet long. This is a relatively easy high with five switchbacks. This is a fairly private beach with a South-West exposure for afternoon swims and picnics. Eagle watching, whale watching and seeing the activity at the Ferry Terminal and the Shipping port are some of the things PR residents and visitors enjoy here.


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